Landscape Design

Henderson's Tree & Garden Services works closely with each of our clients to design a landscape that captures a vision unique to their property. We strive to utilize the full beauty of the naturally occurring features of a given space, balancing that with a designed setting that creates a sense of tranquility combined with a sophisticated elegance.

Using only the best plants, soils and  hardscape materials, we are able to create a personalized oasis that is both visually pleasing and environmentally sustainable.

Design and Installation

Henderson's Tree & Garden Services designs provide opportunities to create something new and fresh for your landscape. Our experience and knowledge enables us to interpret and appreciate our clients' goals for their property. Our primary objective with each customer is to create an innovative, distinctive solution that embraces the "essence" of the indigenous property.

Throughout the process, we work with you to create your oasis. Henderson's sources and installs only high quality plantings and products using sustainable, green methods to ensure longevity and complete environmental health.


Gardens and Borders

Gardens serve so many functions. From magnificent perennial spaces to structured shrub borders to whimsical cutting gardens, we love to create these spaces. We design each garden unique and specific to our client’s style, taking into consideration the personality of the architecture and surrounding landscape. Regional landscape must be created and installed with foresight. We choose materials that express the vision of our client while thriving in the climate it is placed

Ornamental Trees & Decorations

Henderson's Tree & Garden Services tailors the design of each client property using ornamental trees and shrubs that provide beauty and shade as well as magnificent colors and scents. Flowering trees and resilient shrubs provide multistem appeal throughout the year. Appropriate tree service is crucial to a well-balanced landscape.