Our Skills & Expertise

Henderson's Tree Service has been in the tree industry for over 30 years. Ours is a family-owned personalized service business. Our crew and owners of the firm are on-site for every job, ensuring quality and the long-term health, safety and beauty of the trees, shrubs, gardens and other plantings they take care of.

Residential and commercial property owners  who hire Henderson's Tree Service are making the decision to retain a family of experts with an extensive background, academic training and decades of experience.

We take an artistic approach to design that reflects our deep abiding love of trees and plants. Because tree work can be dangerous, we take extra precautions to select the right equipment for each job, to follow best practices and to allocate the appropriate amount of time and people for the job. This uncompromising attention to safety is a result of first-hand experience in the industry since 1985.

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Jim discovered the joy and freedom of working in the trees in 1979, and started Henderson’s Tree Service in 1985. He considers his customers “friends” and his employees “family.” Sylvia has loved working with flowers since she was a little girl. A graduate of UVM with 20 years of teaching, she left her school to pursue a life in the gardens. She is a Master Gardener, horticulturalist, artist, and lover of life in all its forms.