Delivery Fees:$100 first 12 miles, $8 each mile after that.


Agresource: Compost

This ¼ inch leaf compost builds healthy soils by providing essential macro and micronutrients, organic matter and microorganisms. Utilizing Agresoil Leaf and Yard Compost will increase water holding capacity, decrease fertilizer dependency and improve overall soil structure. Ideal for soil-building for vegetable and perennial gardens, fruit trees, and fortifying lawns.

Price: $62 / Scoop 2/3 yd


Agresource: Landscape Blend

This is a blended soil containing 50% topsoil and 50% compost. It has a balanced pH, high organic matter content, and is full of nutrients. Ideal for raised beds, containers, or topdressing existing in-ground gardens.

Price: $82 / Scoop 2/3 yd


Vermont Mulch: Bark Mulch

Premier bark mulch from Brattleboro, Vermont. This blend of Pine, Spruce and Fir has the sweet aroma of the Northeast forest.

Price: $52 / Scoop 2/3 yd


Henderson's Wood Chips

Our own wood chips (mixed soft & hard wood).

Best in the Upper Valley.

Price: $48 / Scoop 2/3 yd

screened loam

Screened Loam

Loam is ideal for gardening and agricultural uses because it retains nutrients well and retains water while still allowing the water to flow freely.

Price: $52/ Scoop 2/3 yd