Tree Care

Professional Tree Service Experts Restoring and Protecting Your Natural World

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At Henderson’s, our Vermont Tree Services experts work closely with the residential and commercial property owners to develop a plan for the trees. We then map the steps necessary to achieve the desired look and use of the property. Any work we do must fit within the plan based on the following:

• How LONG do you plan to own the property?

• How will you LIVE on the property?

• What other landscape elements do you want to protect or emphasize?

• How much money do you want to spend?

We are fully committed to leaving each site better than we found it. Our crews are methodical about taking care of scrap and debris during and after each job. You will see as many rakes as you will chainsaws. Really.

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Cabling, Bracing and Pruning

Using rigid and flexible cabling where needed to support large limbs and stems on trees which may be at risk of breaking under the stress of weight, wind and bad weather.

Force stress can cause some trees to grow in unhealthy patterns and shapes. This can leave them vulnerable to decay, disease or insect infestation. Our tree experts properly setup and then maintain rigid bracing over time. This reduces the treat of damage to the trees and safety issues posed for both people and your property. It also promotes healthy, beautiful, shapely tree growth.

Overgrowth Control & Tree Removal

Each growing season un attended plants and trees begin to darken and obscure surrounding desirable flora. Trees and woodland areas as well as home and properties can take on a neglected appearance.

We restore valuable land and use existing plants to provide options for blending new plant materials and other options for design into the mix. The results are a luxurious, vibrant property that is healthy and sustainable.