Entry Level Gardener's

The Entry Level Gardener

  • Works directly under the supervision of the Crew Supervisor as a Gardening Division Crew Member, becoming familiar with the practices and culture of Henderson’s Garden Division in the field.
  • Working closely with the Crew Supervisor has the opportunity to gain skill and knowledge in horticulture practices and the ability to work more independently once skill sets are acknowledged.
  • Understands the importance that all safety and conduct guidelines are to be respected and observed throughout the workday.
  • Provides the best in customer care, maintaining a positive attitude.
  • Works as a team member.
  • Is responsible for duties at the HTS Shop as well as out in the field.

The Entry Level Gardener will act as a support crew member in the field, taking on responsibilities that enable smooth flow of work at the shop as well as on the job-site including such tasks as:             

  • Preparing for the workday with the required equipment & tools loaded on vehicles, be sure all items are secure for travel.
  • Working under supervision to plant, transplant, water, apply mulch in beds, cultivate, weed, and perform horticulture sanitation aspects of fieldwork.
  • Maintaining clear working areas on-site as fieldwork is performed.
  • Assisting with unloading equipment and tools at the end of the day.

Skills and requirements include:

  • The ability to work outdoors and be prepared with the proper gear to remain safe and comfortable.
  • The physical strength to comfortably lift 50lbs of weight
  • The stamina to perform physical labor for a full workday
  • Basic knowledge of plant science and culture
  • The ability to take direction and follow Henderson’s procedures
  • The ability to communicate effectively with all other employees as a team member
  • The desire to further improve horticulture skills and continue education toward certifications and accreditations in the industry
  • High School diploma or equivalent
  • Clean driving record

Pay Rate:
Starting pay $16/hr based on experience

Groundsman Position

The Groundsman position in the Henderson’s Tree Crew Division is a support and technician level job that entails close observance of all safety issues involved in Tree work as well as skills that support the work performed by the Tree Crew, allowing a smooth flow of productivity at the job-site.

The skills and responsibilities for this position include, but are not limited to:

  • Strong knowledge of tying and specific uses for tree-industry knots.
  • Safety for all types of equipment used (Chipper, Stump Grinder, Chain Saw).
  • Being a reliable member of the team responsive to visual cues and hand signals from the Climber and acting promptly with ground support.
  • Keeping the work area clear of debris, cleaning up limbs and branches as they are brought down in tree cutting work. Raking the area clear to maintain the safety zone.
  • Lining up branches and piling appropriately for loading into the Chipper.
  • Keeping tools in the staging area and safe zone.
  • Assuring that all lines are kept clear at all times.
  • Being attentive to the Climber’s cues throughout the job, always keeping their eyes on the Climber.

The Groundsman will be the point person prepared to load the appropriate tools for specific jobs for departure from the shop and maintain areas and equipment on the jobsite, including, among other specifics:

  • Defining the staging area and safe zones on the jobsite and laying out the tools for the job.
  • Placing the Henderson’s road sign in a visible location on the property.
  • Filling equipment with gasoline or diesel while being mindful of safe handling of fuels.

The Groundsman should also have sound knowledge of:  

  • Chain Saw Blade Sharpening & Maintenance
  • General information about Crane operations
  • Stump Grinder & Chipper operation & Maintenance
  • Riggings used in Tree work - ex: Rope Breaks and Speed Lines.

Henderson’s stresses SAFETY on all jobs and constant vigilance and mindfulness is of the utmost importance on the Tree Crew.  All Tree Care Division employees are required to view and understand all safety and procedure videos upon hire within a set time frame.  Being aware of inherent dangers in the tree industry and the knowledge to avoid them is most important. 

Henderson’s encourages education and continued job skill improvement.  We are members of the New England Chapter of the International Society of Arboriculture (NEISA) and promote employees obtaining their certifications and Arborist Licensing. 

All Henderson’s employees have an expectation to always promote our services and products and embrace the importance of networking to bring more business connections that will lead to future clients and more services for existing clients.


Culture and Responsibilities at HTS

All HTS employees share equal responsibility for keeping our Shop & Grounds clean and safe at all times.  This includes the HTS vehicles, the Shop floor areas & Storage areas, the Staff Room and the Bathroom.  We strongly encourage a Team atmosphere here with all employees sharing these responsibilities. 

Outside the facility, our Display Gardens and Nursery Areas/Greenhouses are generally maintained by Fine Gardening Division staff but are also supported by all other HTS employees as needed. 

Continued skill enhancement, job improvement and training are all encouraged and supported in Education Opportunities and resources posted in the Staff Room.  Certification in the Tree industry is encouraged toward the goal of Arborist licensing. 

We encourage our employees to obtain a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) and familiarity and training with Heavy Equipment.

Henderson’s conducts periodic safety reviews for the handling and operation of equipment, safe maneuvering of trailers & large capacity vehicles, and the responsible use and handling of fuels -to keep everyone on board with safety.

Questions? Please call 802-296-3771 for more information.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Pay Rate:
Starting pay $16/hr based on experience

Tree Climber

Do you want to work for a well respected local company? Henderson's Tree Service is looking for an experienced tree climber right now!

Henderson's is a family-owned business that provides personalized customer service. We combine the expertise and capabilities of a large company with the personal attention of a small, family-owned business to best serve our customers. We are passionate about the trees, gardens, and landscapes, and especially about the people we meet along the way.

The tree climber position requires the following:

• Ability to take direction from the Tree Crew Supervisor or Job-Site Supervisor and always work as a Team Member, using strong communication skills and adhering at all times to Henderson’s safety regulations, code of conduct and behavior.

• Performs various activities related to forestry and arboriculture such as tree diagnosis, climbing, pruning, removal, stump grinding, cabling, stumping, fertilizing, and planting.

• Supervises others engaged in tree trimming work and share skills to train other crew members.

• Prepares trees and shrubs for removing, prepare plant material for transplanting.

• Participates in gear, tool, and equipment maintenance at the shop and in the field.

Specialized skills and requirements for the Climber:

• Operate and perform maintenance on specialized equipment including a chipper, stump grinder, and chainsaw in a safe and responsible manner

• Able to hoist tools and equipment to tree trimmers, and safely lower branches with ropes, or block and tackle.

• Skilled knot tying and practical knowledge of each used in the field.

• The desire to continue skill development, advanced education and maintain certifications and accreditations.

• Must have a driving record, preferably a CDL or desire to obtain commercial level licensing.

* Must have the desire to become a certified Arborist

• Position is salaried with benefits (based upon experience).

Questions? Please call 802-296-3771 for more information.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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