Hazardous Tree Removal

tree removal at Hendersons Tree ServiceThere are many reasons to remove a tree. With our tree removal services, we can remove a safety hazard to a structure (house, shed) or to passers by or to other trees, increase air circulation to reduce dampness in and around your home, let in more sunshine for functional (active and passive solar heat, light for landscape elements) spiritual and aesthetic reasons, remove a diseased or dead tree for the health of the surrounding trees, or possibly to improve the view.

After carefully reviewing the site, Henderson’s identifies the best method (considering speed, cost, safety, surroundings): felling, climbing the tree and lowering sections by rigging, or removal by crane. The certified arborists at Henderson’s are extremely safety conscious and will only remove the tree under the right conditions. During each job we remove all branches, leaves and other debris from the site. Our objective is to leave the site better than we found it.

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