Tree Preservation

Our tree preservation services focuses on training and shaping the trees we work with into the beautiful landscape that you see. You have to start when trees are young like children. , it is more about the choices you make rather than the intensity of the lesson.


Pruning a Young Tree


Pruning trees for their health and aesthetics is a skill acquired over time and repetition. You have to know what to prune and when to prune. The certified arborists at Henderson’s are skilled craftsmen who are in tune to the rhythm of the trees.


Cabling and Bracing

Can you save my limb, Doc?

Henderson’s certified arborists work with clients to decide if cabling or bracing is a feasible course of action to save a tree limb or trunk.

If so, we use steel and nylon cables as well as threaded rods and bolts to secure weak limbs and trunks, to protect them from high winds, heavy snows, ice or just plain gravity.

Securing the limbs and trunks will protect the tree AND the children, pets, friends and possessions from an untimely failure of the tree.