Landscape Design

Hendersons  Landscape Designs

Our aim is to make good design accessible to you, whatever the scale and budget.  We view design as a flowing conversation between us, you, and the site.  Of course the more time we have together, the better we would get to know each other, but by asking the right questions and listening, we can rather quickly get a sense of your tastes & priorities.  We then communicate our ideas with a combination of ‘napkin’ sketches, pictures & aerial photos and adjust as needed.

Whether you are considering a new landscape project, have tired or overgrown beds looking to be renovated, or just want help keeping your gardens healthy, we will come meet with you and decide on next steps. For most smaller projects, a quick sketch is all that is needed. We will provide you with a cost estimate for the work discussed. For larger projects or those with hardscapes (walls, steps, patios, lighting, irrigation, pergolas, etc.) a scaled layout plan is recommended.   For certain projects will can also provide 3D models, perspective sketches & photo simulations. We talk these factors over with you and provide you with a cost estimate for design work suited to your project.