Container Rental Program


Our custom-designed containers offer a warm welcome to your space with a bold, eye-catching display. We have a team passionate about plants and design who will consider your preferences and site requirements as they build your containers. They will work with plant seasonality, so your bursting container is reflective of the nearby landscape.

Seasonal installation 

For a successful container, we select plant material that is healthy, full, and vibrant. Our nursery carries a vast selection of plant material appropriate for each season, and we offer a variety of containers in different colors, materials, shapes, and sizes.

Our container themes change with the seasons from early cheerful spring bulbs, summer annuals bursting with color and texture, fall hybrids that will carry lasting color until long past the frosty nights begin, and winter wildscapes filled with red berries, juniper, holly, scented cedar, and magnolia leaves.


Maintenance is critical for continual beauty in container gardens. Pots are not a natural living environment, and so require routine attention. Our maintenance program includes deadheading and plant shaping to keep your container looking its best.


Full, lively containers offer a perfect accompaniment to your special event: your wedding alter with a backdrop of flowering shrubs, lush planters lining a white tent, or a row of colorful containers on your patio for a special party!