Entry Level Gardener

hendersons - installation of gardens• Works directly under the supervision of the Crew Supervisor as a Gardening Division Crew Member, becoming familiar with the practices and culture of Henderson’s Garden Division in the field.

• Working closely with the Crew Supervisor, has the opportunity to gain skill and knowledge in horticulture practices and the ability to work more independently once skill sets are acknowledged.

• Understands the importance that all safety and conduct guidelines are to be respected and observed throughout the work day.

• Provides the best in customer care, maintaining a positive attitude.

• Works as a team member.

• Is responsible for duties at the HTS Shop as well as out in the field.

The Entry Level Gardener will act as a support crew member in the field, taking on responsibilities that enable smooth flow of work at the shop as well as on the job-site including such tasks as:

• Preparing for the work day with the required equipment & tools loaded on vehicles, being sure all items are secure for travel.

• Working under supervision to plant, transplant, water, apply mulch in beds, cultivate, weed and perform horticulture sanitation aspects of field work.

• Maintaining clear working areas on-site as field work is performed.

• Assisting with un-loading equipment and tools at the end of the day.

Skills and requirements include:

• The ability to work outdoors and be prepared with proper gear to remain safe and comfortable.

• The physical strength to comfortably lift 50lbs of weight

• The stamina to perform physical labor for a full work day

• Basic knowledge of plant science and culture

• The ability to take direction and follow Henderson’s procedures

• The ability to communicate effectively with all other employees as a team member

• The desire to further improve horticulture skills and continue education toward certifications and accreditations in the industry

• High School diploma or equivalent

• Clean driving record

To APPLY for this job, please download & complete our application form: HTGS Employment Application.  Please complete and email along with Resume & Letters of Recommendation to: gardens@hendersonstreeservice.com  Hard copy applications are also available at our office @ 1542 Route 14 White River Junction, VT 05001. Any questions call our office at 802.296.3771.