Workshops are located at our Garden Center at 1542 Rt. 14, White River Junction.  To register, call 802-296-3771.

May 14th: Permaculture and Companion Planting

This permaculture lecture and tour through our permaculture garden will provide useful and simple information that you can use to design your home and life to be more resilient, regenerative, healthy, and abundant. We will emphasize the importance of a diverse mix of companion plants, making for a healthy, productive, efficient garden. Learn how certain planting combinations can increase crop yield, attract beneficial insects, repel pests, and enhance flavor.

May 21st: Constructing Your Own Diversified Containers

Come spend time with Sylvia as she guides you to designing and building your own stunning containers! Our nursery is jam-packed with plants, but selection and design can be overwhelming. Sylvia will teach you elements of container design as you either fill your own that you have brought from home, or purchase ours.

June 4th: Build your own Hypertufa Container!hypertufa with succulents

Create a rustic, textured container from a simple mixture. Once you master this technique, you can make containers in any size and shape. Hypertufa pots are more popular than ever, offering the look of stone and concrete without the weight or expense.

June 11th: Polycultures & Guilds for Humans and Habitat

Polycultures are plants of different species grown in the same space. When local communities of plants share common resources and form mutually-beneficial relationships they are called “guilds.” Garden guilds have higher yields when planted together than apart, and they increase resilience and lower plant maintenance.

June 25th: Ecological Pest Control

Explore strategies to attract beneficial insects and birds and create a balanced ecosystem, without pesticides!

July 16th: Compost Tea and Bio Brewing

Compost tea is a natural brew made from compost, manure, and plant materials that add valuable nutrients and minerals to both plants and soil. This hands-on workshop will cover the how-to’s of recipes and application for both small and large scale compost tea production.lavender farm

July 23rd/24th: Lavender Farm Trip!

Come explore the Bleu Lavande lavender farm in Quebec with us! We will take a bus up and get a tour of the second largest lavender farm in North America while it is in bloom! This has been on our Bucket List for a long time. Please join us!

August 20th: Herbs, Teas, & Tinctures

Herbs can provide wonderful additions to our gardens including drawing pollinators and beneficial insects, adding color and flavor to year-round meals, providing valuable medicine, and more! This workshop will be led by two local herbalists. We will learn the basics of making tinctures and teas, design an herb garden, and grow and harvest herbs.


Have an idea? Get in touch. If you have any special classes or topics that you would be interested in attending let us know. Our goal is to provide educational experiences that are interesting, practical & relevant to you!